We Promote “Paying it Forward”

Paying it forward is a concept we feel very strongly about and we teach and promote it with all our projects.

For example, we first started promoting this concept with a very modest little project we did a few years ago when we created and delivered gift baskets to approximately 50 needy families in three small villages.

It was the Christmas season and in each basket we included a delicious plum cake and other goodies, some school supplies, a couple of books and a few other small items with a holiday card inserted inside the basket.

The card included a message (in the local language) “If this small gift made your day a little brighter, in the future when you are able to please return the same kindness to another family in need”.

I love this idea because it has the potential for a wonderful ripple effect! Who knows how many lives we can touch together?

These cards are an integral part of our “paying it forward” message and will be passed out to every individual who receives any of our services.

As you can see, there were many elves (my nephews and nieces) who assisted in the production line to create these beautiful baskets.

It was a blessing for everyone. My family and I spent a wonderful evening creating these baskets, we enjoyed the trip out to these remote villages and the recipients were so appreciative of the gifts they received. It was truly a journey of blessings.