Visions for Villages, Inc. collaborates with local communities in the remote regions of the Himalayan Foothills of India to empower them through self-sustaining projects so they can break the cycle of poverty and live a more thriving and more abundant life.



Visions for Villages is a nonprofit organization currently focused on positively impacting the rural communities of Meghalaya in Northeastern India.

We strongly believe in allowing the local communities to have a voice in addressing their needs and to be involved in this process.

Once a project is chosen, it will be driven by these communities using their own abilities and skills, thus empowering them with ownership of these projects. Our role will be to partner and work closely with them while providing the necessary resources so they can accomplish their goals.

Projects may include the building of a village school, the establishment of sanitation systems and community toilets, educating locals on health and hygiene, raising awareness of the importance of conserving their natural resources, or creating the infrastructure to provide for clean drinking water.

Visions for Villages practices the concept of “paying it forward”, and we teach and promote it to the communities we assist. You can read more about how we promote it here.

I hope that you will join us in positively impacting these communities, helping them live a healthier and more abundant life, one village at a time.