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Year End Project Summary

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Thank you from our communities!

2013 has been a very good year for the projects that Visions for Villages has been involved in as we have been able to work with the village community to complete the following:

1. Sustainability Program

  • As mentioned in our previous post “Teach a Man to Fish“, Visions for Villages helped a community purchase and release 330 pounds of fish (underlings) into two fishponds to help generate income to pay for teacher salaries and other expenses for the Lumkyntung school as needed.
  • According to reports from our project liaison in India, in the past five months, the village has generated enough net profit from this investment to pay for approx 70% of the 2014 salary of a new teacher they hired for the school.
  • Additionally, they are anticipating healthy profits for 2014, with plans to reinvest some of the funds towards more underlings so as to increase the fish population for ongoing growth to their revenue stream.

2. School bathrooms – we have completed the building of a boys and a girls bathroom for the school.

3. School fence – our Oct 2013 Tea Party fundraiser generated enough funds towards a fence for the school and a small playground for the students.

We are so very grateful to you – our donors. Without your generosity and compassion for these communities and their needs, and your support for the projects we are working on, none of this would be possible.

So THANK YOU for making a difference and helping this world to be a better place and for providing more opportunities for those less fortunate.