Sustainability Plan Success

It appears our Teach a Man to Fish plan is working! 

Earlier this year, our village released 320 pounds of fish into the fishponds to help seed the ponds that Visions for Villages helped build to bring additional revenue for the village . The ultimate plan for this revenue is to help pay the wages for additional teachers for the school as it grows.  

Well, I just received word back from Bah Clement, our Government agent and liaison in India who is helping us manage this project, that as of mid August the village has raised over INR 27,000 (Indian rupees) in income related to these fish ponds.

This is very encouraging as this amount has already surpassed over half the amount Visions for Villages donated towards this project (we donated INR 50,000 to seed the ponds with fish). 

What we are also building is a girl’s and boy’s bathroom for the Lumkyntung village school. Currently they have no bathroom facilities as the previous makeshift bathroom has ceased to work. 

Once again, we are very grateful to our generous donors for making a difference to this community and these children! THANK YOU!!!

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