Adventure with a Purpose

Recently, I took a necessary road trip and almost reached the limit of my normally adventurous spirit.

I was in a jeep traveling with my sister and some friends on a steep mountain road which seemed to get narrower and narrower – a seemingly endless windy road with multiple hairpin curves and gorges so deep, one literally could not see the bottom. Guard rails on most sections of this road were practically non-existent!

After a somewhat hair-raising two hours, we finally arrived in Khadarshnong – the village for our next project in Meghalaya, India.

As our jeep stopped midway up the mountain, we then climbed (huffing and puffing!) to the top to meet the village elders at their little school to discuss the needs of this community and what we can do to help.

As we stopped halfway up, breathing in pristine, fresh, clean air, enjoying views of lovely misty mountains in these Himalayan foothills, we felt as if we were standing almost on top of the world.

However, in such a beautiful world we also saw extreme hardship. Many of the people lived in very tiny homes which housed their entire families, earning small and sporadic income, mainly from farming and small livestock.

More importantly for four months out of the year this community has extremely limited access to one of the most basic things we take for granted – water!

Between December and April, this area gets just enough water to drink from the two wells they have in this community, and the villagers have to walk about one and a half hours to the nearest water source to fetch water for bathing, sanitation and other general usage.

We believe we can make a difference to this community, and are currently doing a more in-depth assessment of enhanced water availability through the harnessing of rainwater, conserving greenery around the existing water sources as well as some other possibilities.

We appreciate all the help our donors have given for our projects  – a little bit goes a long ways in this area and we are very excited to be involved in this new project.

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