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Our 2012 Building is Done!

Monday, December 31st, 2012

It seems as if we had just started our school project with Lumkyntung Village and here we are two years later joining the village in celebrating the completion of the second floor classrooms. 

When we first started this project, there were only 48 students in this school. After our first classroom additions in 2011, the number of students went up from 48 to 83.

With the second floor classrooms we just completed in 2012, another 40-50 children will have access to an education – this is very exciting and we are very grateful to our generous donors for making this happen. 

It takes a tremendous amount of community coordination and cooperation to make all this happen and the residents of Lunkyntung  are a perfect example of what our vision and mission is about, taking to heart their responsibilities in getting this building completed so their children can have access to an education and a better future.

On Nov 13, 2012 the village community hosted a gathering to welcome my daughter, son-in-law and myself,  and the local representatives who have been key components in coordinating the completion of this project to inaugurate this building and to join them in a late afternoon lunch of delicious, local delicacies.

We were so touched by the children who lined up to welcome us as we walked down the hill towards the school. 

The beautiful faces of some of the children…


We distributed little gift bags to each child filled with school supplies and Christmas treats.

 We also gave the school some soccer balls and other items for play.

And lastly, after all the festivities, food and gifts were distributed, we sat with the village committee members to plan the final year of help needed for this village (every village is a three year plan).

This included plans for sustainable income so they can support the costs for additional teachers moving forward, as the school and student body grows.

2013 is the last year we will be working with this village before we move on to help another community, and our final year of help has some exciting things that will be happening for Lumkyntung school and village. Stay tuned for future updates on what we are doing as well as posts of our next project.