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Village Project Completion Date in Sight

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Contractor and village moms and dads have been very busy trying to get the classrooms for their children finished by projected completion date of Nov 2 and it looks like they are going to make it! 

On Oct 16th we handed them with the balance of the funds to finish the work.

According to Bah Clement, our local liaison who is overseeing this project, the hollow block walling work is in full swing, the window grille work will be done on the 22nd or 23rd of this month and thereafter, plastering work would follow.

By the end of the 1st week of November, all the work should be completed.  I (Connie) and Destiny Marshall (Board Member) will be there the week of Nov 12 and will have the opportunity to see the completed building as we will be in the area for another unrelated village project that we are involved in. 

Again here are some pictures of these beautiful children who are attending the little village school we are helping build. 

We thank you kindly for your support so we can provide these children with a better future.

Two more grades…

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Our Lumkyntung village classrooms are scheduled for completion by Nov 2012. Woo Hoo!!!

According to my friend and local project liaison Mr. Pochister (and I am quoting him below):

“A ‘community in action’ has indeed been amply manifested by Lumkyntung today!..

43 menfolk and 8 womenfolk were working at the school. The village has 62 households and, barring a few households which had genuine reasons for being absent, a representative from each household had come out today. That’s the Khasi tradition – ‘marwei man ka iing’ for their ‘dorbars’!

Your ‘vision for villages’ is strongly, steadily and speedily taking shape in Lumkyntung!”

I feel so blessed to be working with such a group of people to provide better opportunities for children in these rural communities.

According to Mr. Clement, the local site inspector for this project, on Aug 13 the Lumkyntung Community held the ceremonially important “casting the slab” of their second floor School building.

What he said he observed was that the Community as a whole worked cooperatively and diligently all through the day to get this done.

Because slab casting is a culturally auspicious section of any building done in this region of India, custom requires that it be completed within one day.

Although there was some rainfall since this is monsoon season, the community worked together until everything was completed which went into nightfall.

This next section of pictures were taken in mid Sept and as of my last update with my team in India, the hollow block walling is being completed and the installation of doors and windows will be next. I will be sure to post more pictures as I get them.

Two village helpers on the second floor roof

In 2011 we completed two classrooms which raised the number of children in this little village school from 48 to 82.

Now with the completion this November of two more classrooms on the second floor we should have another 30-40 students starting out in the lower grades in Feb 2013 (which is the start of the new school year in this region of India). Next year we plan to help with a new teacher for the additional classrooms.

Please enjoy a few pictures of these delightful children and their happy smiles. And thank you so very much for your support in providing an education for these children.