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Bright Smiles from our Village School…

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

I just love the smiles on the faces of these beautiful children from the village school in Lumkyntung, India that we are helping in 2012.

According to our construction engineer Bah Narry and our site inspector Bah Clement, the village school classrooms are coming along very nicely in spite of the heavy monsoon rains. In fact, the casting of the slab may be done this week if the weather permits and it appears there is one big tarpaulin already in place for that.

According to Bah Clement, the crew is eagerly waiting for one or two bright sunny days so that heavy truck carrying sand and chips can ply up a very narrow, unpaved road to the school premises.

The building is scheduled to be completed by end of Oct 2012 and the Lumkyntung Village community conveys their best wishes and KHUBLEI (Thank you and God Bless) to our sponsors and donors for their generosity in providing these classrooms for their children.

(Using the word “Bah” for men or “Kong” for women before a first name is the traditional way to respectfully address another person in the Khasi culture).