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Village Education Project Phase 1 done!

Friday, January 27th, 2012


I recently returned from a six week trip which included the inauguration of Phase 1 of our village education project in Meghalaya India,  and a 14 day cultural excursion – part of the travel services offered by our sister company and business sponsor of Visions for Villages.


Phase II will include a second story addition to the building above, scheduled for 2012.

After saying goodbye to my family in the United States, I found myself 25 hours later in New Delhi amidst the chaos of buses, cars, cows, goats, camels and rickshaws in a city vibrating with the energy of 17 million people.

The next few days were spent with some clients who met me in Delhi for my Silver Legends excursion package, before we flew on to Bhutan for 8 days of bliss in this tiny Himalayan Kingdom.

As my guests flew back to the United States, my work continued (if you can consider it work as I am having so much fun!) as I made my way to Northeastern India to check on my village school project.

I was very touched with the special celebration the residents of Lumkyntung village planned for Dec 2nd as their show of appreciation for the classrooms we helped built as part of our village education project.

When my family and I arrived, we were seated in a specially prepared and shaded area on the verandah of the school where we were served tea while we enjoyed the festivities they had prepared.

The program, which lasted about an hour and a half, included special music by the local moms and children, cultural dances, and speeches by different people in the community.

The festivities culminated with a late afternoon lunch of local and delicious delicacies specially prepared just for us. We felt blessed by their gratefulness and appreciation.

I will also continue to post clips of some videos I took as well as pictures every now and then that I think you will enjoy.

I also have a video of the work we did in 2011 and the children we helped on our website under projects. Do check it out.  I believe the children will touch your heart.