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The Work Goes On…

Monday, October 3rd, 2011


According to Mr. Clement, our local liaison in India, the Lumkyntung Community did a tremendous job on Sept 21 and the casting of the slab for the school has been successfully completed.

According to local custom, this slab casting process must start and be completed on the same day otherwise it is a bad omen for the building and its inhabitants.


In the case of the village school, the residents came together to make sure this work gets completed by nightfall.

The women folk take part in helping prepare the food for the workers to ensure everyone has the energy needed for the possibly long hours ahead on this auspicious day.


The next milestone is the shuttering which  will be spanned on October 10. The village team, under the supervision of the engineer, will start making hollow blocks and frames for the doors, and follow up with the ordering of the doors, window and grills.

What beautiful smiles on the faces of these children.