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Education Empowers the Entire Village

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

We believe that by educating each child, we are empowering the entire village towards a more abundant future.

In addition, once a project is chosen, it is driven by the local communities using their own abilities and skills, which empowers them with ownership of these projects.

Our role is to partner and work closely with them while providing the necessary resources so they can accomplish their goals.

The pictures below indeed reflect the collaborative efforts of the local village residents on the construction of the classrooms.

I can’t wait to see this project completed in Oct 2011. I will be posting more pictures as the building goes up.

Two Schoolrooms…

Friday, August 26th, 2011

One of our projects is an addition to an existing village school. It is so exciting to see a building coming up from what was bare ground just a few months ago. Every week it is forming into something more meaningful that will make a difference to so many children in the future.

Imagine how many kids will have the opportunity to get an education in these classrooms in the next few years. Hundreds of them! 

Please enjoy the video below that shows more details of what we are doing. If you feel compelled to help, please donate to keep a child in school.

YouTube Preview Image

A little bit goes a long ways in these rural areas. For example, $3,500 in donations helped us build this 30X15 classroom addition in 2011 to accommodate another 30 children. And $500 will help us ship enough warm clothing for 210 children in two villages.

It’s a Small World

Friday, August 26th, 2011

It so happened that a few years ago, a neighbor of mine from my home town of Shillong in Meghalaya, India, who is also a dear friend of our family and who I knew very well as I was growing up, came to visit us here in the US with a couple of his friends.

One of these friends was a Mr. Pochister, the Commissioner of the State of Meghalaya. As it turns out, this Commissioner was the brother of one of the teachers at my old school in India!  He is now an integral part of the team in India who is helping me get my first project implemented, which is the building of a village school addition. He and his team are amazing – they just get things done!!! I am so very fortunate to have them on this project.

Launch of Visions for Villages

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

I am very delighted to launch Visions for Villages, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and an endeavor very close to my heart. This dream has been on my back burner for years, and like a puzzle finally fell into place in 2011 with the right combination of circumstances and people who came into my life, enabling me me to turn this dream into reality..

It is also the sister company to my other business – Himalayan Boot Camp, which is the business sponsor of Visions for Villages.

Visions for Villages provides one with a unique way to do something really meaningful and make a difference, by providing the opportunity to get up close and personal with the actual locations and people one is helping.

Our mission is to collaborate with local communities in the remote regions of the Himalayan Foothills to help empower them through education and self-sustaining projects so they can break the cycle of poverty and live a more abundant life.

One way you can participate in a more personal way is by coming with us on our Giving Back annual trips and interacting directly with the villages and people on the projects we are working on.  Or, you can do so from where you are through videos and photographs of the people you are directly impacting with your generous donations.

Please feel free to browse our Projects page as well as our Journeys page to see what we are doing. Our videos also provide you with a glimpse into the faces of the children (and adults) we are helping.

And do check back and read our Blog for the latest news and updates.